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Tiina Bodonyi
Thank you for this fine collection! So many great portraits I have never seen before!

Andrew Grice
Really great album thanks

Azhar Latif
Your collection are for armchair Art Museum lover yearning to visit one but never could ....

Taken by Me
baby black crowned night heron - redondo beach pier - s. listonblack crowned night heron - redondo beach pier  - s. listonFlock of pelicans and a wind surfer - Redondo Beach - s. listonImmature black crowned night heron - Redondo Pier - s. listonbird feet - s. listongray gull - redondo pier -  s.liston
blue heron - redondo beach pier - s. listonpelican - redondo beach pier  - s.listontrumpet vine - s. listonbougainvilleas  - s.listondouble delight rose  - s.listonrandom sky   - s. liston

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18-08-2012 20:23

Tony Nudo
Great eye, thanks for sharing your point of view!

Rasma Raisters
Fantastic pics.

Paul Scott
Love your work!

Sokv Riz Khan khan

fareeha saleem
1000000000000000 likes for your work love it

Ron Hicks, The Journey Begins (2011)In Memoriam - Evelyn De Morgan   1898William MacGregor Paxton (American painter, 1869-1941) Leaving the Studio 1921George Hitchcock, Easter Sunday (also known as In Brabant, The Bride) (1904)Algerian Woman Playing a Darbouka - Charles Landelle  1887Judith With The Head of Holofernes by Sandro Botticelli
Colin Campbell Cooper (1856-1937)  Summer 1918Charles Webster Hawthorne (American, 1872-1930) - Morning Chocolate, ca. 1900By the River  - William Savage CooperBernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, 1869-1936) ) Lady in PinkBernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, 1869-1936)  Study of a Woman in Black 1932Bernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, 1869-1936)  Lady in a Chinese Silk Jacket 1909

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18-08-2012 20:52

Jyothy Rose
1000 likes for this album

Susan Liston
1000 thank yous

Álvaro Malo
femi・nine mystique

Álvaro Malo
an unapologetic album: Chicks

BO Olsen
Incredible, to say the least !

Alfred Horne
love your collections here

Jyothy Rose

love your creative mind...gazing at windows is so calming to me- this album is wonderful

the vanity of women - the beauty!

Homayoon Memari
Very Nice:Thank you For This Collection..

Cundo Bermúdez (Cuban, 1914 – 2008) - Barberia (The Barber shop)Camille Pissarro - Père Melon Sawing Wood, 1879ferdinand hodler - lumberjack 1908Musketeer by Jean-Louis-Ernest MeissonierCarybé (Héctor Bernabó - Brazilian figurative painter from Argentina, 1911-1998) - CavalgadaBartolomeo Passarotti, Double Portrait of Musicians, c. 1577-9
Auguste Chabaud - Magic City, c. 1907Alberto Garduño (Mexican, 1885-1948) - El sarape rojoHenri Matisse - Guitarist, c. 1902-03.Eduardo Abela (Cuban, 1889 - 1965) - GuajirosRichard Pococke, LiotardKarel Rélink (1880-1945) The bibliophile, 1902

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18-08-2012 21:42
The Bayswater Omnibus by George William JoyAt the Masquerade (Detail), Charles HermansAugust Macke  - Zoological Garden  1912Thomas Le Clear (American genre artist, 1818–1862) Young AmericaOtto Dix (German artist, 1891-1969) The Artist's Family 19271926 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German Expressionist, 1880-1938) Street Scene in front of a Barbershop
Otto Dix (German artist, 1891-1969) The Lawyer Dr Fritz Glasser Family Portrait 19251914 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German Expressionist, 1880-1938) The Garden CafeErnst Ludwig Kirchner Berlin street scene1913 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German Expressionist, 1880-1938) Street, BerlinLeon Girardet (French artist, 1857–1895) The PoetMartha  Walter -(American Impressionist (1875-1976)  Gloucester Beach

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18-08-2012 21:29

Mary Guimaraes
luv them !

Girl Kneeling by a Cradle, 1883 Vincent van GoghHenri Rousseau -  L'enfant a la poupeeCharles Fraser (American artist, 1782-1860) Mary Bennett CampbellChaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.Chaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.Chaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.
Chaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.Chaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.Chaïm Soutine - Girl in Green, c. 1928.Otto Dix (German artist, 1891-1969) Ursus Sitting 1931Loretta Lux - the waiting girl (2006)1928-29 Otto Dix (German artist, 1891-1969) Ursus with Spintop

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30-08-2012 06:14

Birgül Özçelikci Taşören
I like albums. Congratulations.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Really loved this album!!!

She Reads (1962). Brian T. Kershisnik (American).Margaret Preston (1875–1963), The Studio WindowValentin Alexandrovich Serov (Russian painter, 1865-1911) Alexandra j Simonovic 1889La femme et l’amour (L’amour qui vient) (1885)  Alfred StevensEmma Irlam Briggs (1867–1950), A Book at BedtimePierre Bonnard - Femme à la rose, 1908
Art Lover (2011). Catherine Nolin.Robert Reid, two girls readingSamuel F. B. Morse (1791–1872) Susan Walker Morse The MuseJames Jebusa Shannon- On the Dunes (Lady Shannon and Kitty)Carl von Marr - (1858-1936) Lady Reading in the Morning SunBarend Cornelius Koekkoek (Dutch Painter, 1803-1862) Woman with a book

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28-09-2012 22:30

VJ Joson
Aw, I was going to do an album of this but you beat me to it. :) However, I am glad you made one. So nice to see all these readers. Well done! :)

Raymond Rogers
Similar to my connection points...

George Cochran Lambdin: Roses on a WallMimosa by Pierre BonnardAnna Eliza Hardy - RosesAnna Eliza Hardy - Still Life of VioletsAnna Eliza Hardy - Wild Roses, oil on canvasAbbott Fuller Graves (1859–1936 ), Flowers and Mirror
Mallow - Ilya RepinAll kinds of everything.Arizona prayerTOUSSAINT - Still life with anemones in a VaseFritillaries in a Copper Vase, 1887 Vincent van GoghClara von Sivers (German, 1854-1924)

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18-08-2012 20:45

BO Olsen pretty !!

The Bay, La Ciotat - William James GlackensMichael Cina, Ships Plowing Deep Waters (2011)Trees Mirrored on a Pond - Egon Schiele  1907Ducks on the Vert  -Henri Martin"Village on the bank of a stream" (c. 1897)A Storm on a Mediterranean Coast by Claude-Joseph Vernet, 1767 (detail)
Ellen Thesleff - Reflections (1942)"In the Port" by Alexi ZaitsevCaspar David Friedrich - Sea Shore in Moonlight, 1836.Joan Eardley -Summer Grasses and Barley on the Clifftop 1962Emil Nolde - Meer im AbendlichtJohn Henry Twachtman - Niagara Falls

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29-12-2012 03:40
Jessie Boswell, The Three Windows (The Plain from the Tower) (1924)Andrew Wyeth, Bird in the House (1984)Harry Roseland (American painter, 1867-1950) Christmas Morning 1915Édouard Vuillard - Princess Bibesco (Marthe Lahovary), 1920."Early Spring", 1902, by Stanislav ZhukovskyEdouard_Dantan - My Father's Studio
A Pork-Butcher's Shop Seen from a Window, 1888 Vincent van GoghInterior - Vilhelm HammershoiAnna Ancher - The Dinner-Hour, c. 1914.Interior of Lucca Cathedral, 1879 ~ John RuskinAnna Ancher - Interior with Clematis, 1913Vanessa Bell - A Venetian Window, 1926

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18-08-2012 20:58
Constantin Korovin - A Florence Street in the Rain. 1888Auguste Chabaud - People in front of the Grand Portal, c. 1925.Camille Pissarro - Place du Theatre Francais, Spring (1898)Camille Pissarro - Le Louvre, 1901John Santry Grey Day 1963Auguste Chabaud - Le Bal du Moulin Rouge, 1907.
james lawrence isherwood/1917-1988Crescent of Houses II (Island Town), 1915 — Schielefranz bishoff/1864-1929Konstantin Korovin - A Florence Street in the Rain 1888Egon Schiele - Yellow CityLovis Corinth - View from the Studio Window, 1891

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29-12-2012 04:18
"Autumn evening"Ray Crooke Towards Sorrento 1960Ray Crooke Islanders"Local charm" (2009)Down Cwmdonkin -  Emma CownieAutumn in the Welch Hills  George Price Boyce   1860
Adolf Erbslöh (German, 1881-1947), St. Margarethen, 1911Walter Schofield -Cornish  CliffsWalter Ufer - After ThemAndre Derain The GroveChaïm Soutine - Return From School After the Storm, 1939.Arnold Böcklin - Ruins in the moonlit landscape, 1849.

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18-08-2012 20:51

carlo grassini
Hi Susan, You have put together and amazing collection of landscapes. Very enjoyable.

BO Olsen
Such Beauty !

Still Life
Andrew Wyeth, Light Wash (1961)Albert Anker - Still life with coffee, 1882.Carlo Carrà - Natura Morta Metafisica (Metaphysical Still Life), 1919.Flower Pots - Paul CezanneSPECK - Confit jar with pears and grapesGeorgia O’Keeffe, Clam and Mussel, 1926.
Andrew Wyeth, Light Wash (1961)The Garden Statue - Francisco Pons Arnauhenri manguin - still life with copper pitcher 1902/3Museum Series: 0012Afonina Taisia  -Still-life with Pussy WillowsCats Instructed By an Owl in the Art of Mouse-Catching  Unknown Italian artist 1700

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18-08-2012 20:57
Unpacking Lady Liberty - 1885Chef MassasoitGargoyle - Dame Cathedral, ParisAntonio Canova - Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix (1805-1808) Villa Borghese, Rome.Diana - Paul Manship 1924Arman - l'Heure de Tous (1985)
StockholmRoyal Solitude (D. Dinis, King of Portugal, University of Coimbra)Gustav Vigeland (Vigeland Museum and Park, Oslo, Norway) by Tine BergeStaglieno Cemetery, GenovaCupid and PsycheGargoyle

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29-07-2012 05:04
Archangel Michael from a mosaic by James Powell  St Johns Church  WiltshireLuca Signorelli (1441-1523) Angel Musician, Orvieto, Duomo, Cappella di San BrizioGustave Moreau. Angel Traveller.William Adophe Bouguereau - L'Amour Mouille (detail)Cupid - Parmigiano 1523-1524 Oil on woodEdward Burne-Jones - Annunciation (detail)
Anne Louis Girodet de Roucy Trioson 1767-1824St. Michael, 1423-24 Tempera on WoodJohn Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1829-1908 ) Love And The MaidenEdward Robert Hughes (1851-1914),On the Wings of the MorningThe Annunciation and Two Saints (detail) Simone MartiniRaphael: The Coronation of the Virgin

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18-08-2012 21:14
Soup Distribution in a Public Soup Kitchen, 1883 Vincent van GoghJean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Study for 'Vénus à Paphos'Portrait of Andrea Quaratesi - Michelangelo 1530-1532Jean-Etienne Liotard (Swiss-French artist, 1702-1789) Jean-Etienne Liotard (1758-1822) 1760Gustav Klimt - Brustbild eines Mädchens von vorne (Bust portrait of a girl from the front), 1912. India ink, white chalk on paper,Vincent van Gogh. The Zouave. late July-early August 1888 -
Portrait of Étienne Maurice Falconet (1716-1791)Raphael:  Procession of Pope Sylvester IStudy of Jane - Dante Gabriel Rosetti (1876)Edward Burne-Jones, Study For One Of The Gorgons In The Finding Of Perseus,Michelangelo Buonarroti, Andrea Quaratesi, 1530-32, Black ChalkHead of an Old Man, 1521 - Albrecht Dürer

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25-02-2013 02:10
Carl Larsson
Carl Larsson (Swedish painter, 1853-1919) Christmas Tree ConfettiCrocus - Carl LarssonCarl Larsson (Swedish Realist Painter, 1853-1919)  Anna-MariaCarl LarssenCarl Larsson - My Eldest DaughterRequired Reading - Carl Larsson
My Mother - Carl LarssonModel Writing a Postcard - Carl LarssonLisbeth Reading - Carl LarssonLisbeth in "The Bluebird" - Carl LarssonLisbeth in "The Bluebird" - Carl LarssonKarin on the Shore - Carl Larsson

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31-08-2012 04:38

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Love works of this artist.....great collection you got!