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Vers le Paradis !Ron Mueck: Big ManBlue weeping angelStatueUnmask - Flash Memory Sculptures | Sculpting | ARTBoomSayaka Ganz  ~ Artist
Frudakis Zenos

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19-04-2014 00:26
Street Art
by Zildaby  Zildaby  Zildaby Zildaby Zildaby Zilda
30 Impressive Street Art Examples That You Must SeeNIA SPEAKS: 3D Street Art!Street Art Utopia ~ I Hope to Afford You More ClarityMeek | I want changeSTREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasBy Collectiv IMVG - In Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain » STREET ART UTOPIAStreet Art in Germany

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19-04-2014 00:08
Paintings 1800
John William Waterhouse:The Lady of Shalott 1888Gustave Moreau - GalateaAlexandre Antigna - The LightningLady of ShalottGustave Moreau- Oedipus and the SphinxJohn Everett Millais - Ophelia
Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Night

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18-04-2014 23:48
Paintings 1900
Sleeping nude with arms open, 1917 - ModiglianiRoy Lichtenstein - Frightened GirlBather ~ Igor BelkovskyDeux femmes tahitiennesDiane la chasseresseAmadeo Modigliani - Nude Sitting on a Divan
Grant DeVolson Wood:  American GothicPaul Cézanne : Self PortraitFrida Kahlo- Self Portrait with MonkeyGisele Freund: Frida Paitning her Father's PortraitAlphonse Mucha (1860-1939) - SolitudePablo Picasso - Girl in a Chemise

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18-04-2014 23:46
Egon Schiele
Portrait of the Actress Marga Boerner - Egon Schiele - WikiPaintings.orgPortrait of the Artist's Wife - Egon Schiele - WikiPaintings.orgNude with Chequered Slipper - Egon SchieleEgon Schiele: Woman Laying on her Back, 1914Egon Schiele - Edith Schiele, die Frau des Künstlers, sitzendEgon Schiele - Der Arzt und Physiker Dr. Hugo Koller (geb. 1868)
Egon Schiele - Portrait of the Actress Marga Boerner, 1917ZOMBIE SELF PORTRAIT by Egon Schiele | Zombie Research SocietyFile:Egon Schiele - Sitzende Frau mit hochgezogenem Knie - 1917.jpeg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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18-04-2014 23:14