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Matthias Stomer - Old Woman with a CandleAmadeo Modigliani - Nude Sitting on a DivanMeredith FramptonHenry Lamb- The Artist's WifeПетр 1F. Luis Mora
Gustave Caillebotte - The Man On The Balcony

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30-05-2012 21:23
Paul Delaroche: Marquis de PastoretFrederic Edwin Church: The IcebergsJacques-Louis David: The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Crowning of the Empress Joséphine in Notre-Dame Cathedral on December 2, 1804Gustave Courbet: L'Origine du mondeHenri Rousseau - The Sleeping GypsyPierre-Auguste Renoir: Dance at Bougival
John Singer Sargent-Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau)Georges Seurat - Bathers at AsnièresHenri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Au Salon de la rue des MoulinsBerthe Morisot: Winter aka Woman with a Muff

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30-05-2012 21:48
Sherrie Levine: Untitled (President:2)Tamara de Lempicka- Woman with MandolinEric Fischl - The Old Man’s Dog and the Old Man’s BoatPiet Mondrian: Broadway Boogie WoogieRoy Lichtenstein: Drowing GirlMark Alexander - Via Negativa XIV 23989
Kara Walker- And thus . . . (present tense)Sung Hwan Kim - Untitled (drawing)Richard Hamilton: Swingeing LondonKenny Scharf :  When the Worlds CollideJulian Schnabel - The Sky of IllimitablenessE.V. Day, Bombshell

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30-05-2012 21:15
Lucio Fontana: Spatial Concept: ExpectationsJosef Albers: Homage to the Square; ApparitionCy Twombly: Untitled (Rome)Cy Twombly: UntitledJoseph Beuys: Virgin (Jungfrau)Joan Miró- The Morning Star (from Constellations)
Cy Twombly: Ferragosto IIJasper Johns- 0 through 9Joan Miró - The MatadorHans Hoffman- The GateI hate reality showRoy Lichtenstein: Bull Heads II

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30-05-2012 21:15
Ryan McGinley - Jonas (Molten) [Out Of Focus: Photography]Bruce Nauman: Self Portrait as a FountainJennifer West- Dawn Surf Jellybowl Filmstrip 1 [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]Catherine Opie: Self PortraitRyan McGinley - Tree #3 [Out Of Focus: Photography]Weegee: Liz
Laurel Nakadate - Lucky Tiger #2 [Out Of Focus: Photography]Cindy Sherman: Untitled Film Still #28Pinar Yolaçan- Untitled [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]Marilyn Monroe, by Sam ShawDuchamp Descending a Staircase - Eliot ElisofonSam Taylor-Wood - Bram Stoker's Chair VI

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30-05-2012 21:17
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio - David with the head of GoliathFrancis Bacon- Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent XEdward Hopper- NighthawksClaude Monet - The Grand CanalLeonardo da Vinci- Mona LisaVincent van Gogh- Wheat Field with Cypresses
Sandro Botticelli- The Birth of VenusAmadeo Modigliani - Nude Sitting on a DivanMichelangelo - PietaEdvard Munch- The ScreamJohannes Vermeer- Girl with a Pearl EarringPierre Auguste Renoir - Nach dem Bade

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30-05-2012 21:18
Joseph Beuys: Memory of My Youth in the MountainsTom Friedman: UntitledMichelangelo: The Rebellious SlaveLouise Bourgeois: Femme VolageClaes Oldenburg: Ice Bag–Scale CCanova (Antonio Canova) : Cupid and Psyche
ANXIETY CHAPELLouise Bourgeois- Nature Study  (Pink Eyes)Nam June Paik- Piano PiecePaul Gaugin: Idol with a ShellLinda Benglis: WingJonathan Monk - As Yet Untitled I

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30-05-2012 21:36
René Magritte - La Trahison des images (Ceci n'est pas une pipe)Max Ernst: The AntipopeFrancis Bacon- TriptychValerie Hegarty - Niagara FallsRené Magritte: The False MirrorJacek Yerka - High City Blowing Away
René Magritte - The LoversAndre Martins de Barro s- ClownMan Ray - The VeilFrancis Bacon- Diptych: Study of the Human BodyYumiko Utsu- Octopus Portrait [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]Max Ernst- Pietà or Revolution by Night

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30-05-2012 21:20
Frederic Leighton - Flaming June(Alessandro) Padovanino (Varotari): The Rape of ProserpineBernardo Bellotto: The Ponte Vecchio, FlorenceEgon Schiele - Die Umarmung (Liebespaar II, Mann und Frau)Gao Qipei: Two Magpies Playing in a Willow Tree, Qing DynastyJean-Antoine-Théodore Giroust: Oedipus at Colonus
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - Familie KerzmannAlbrecht Dürer- Self portraitGeorge Romney: Anne, Lady de la PoleEdmund Charles Tarbell: Reverie (Katharine Finn)Alexej Jawlensky - Schokko with Red HatGerome - The Slave Market

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30-05-2012 21:16