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Album: Some old Indian paintings. From: Paramita Ghosh
Some old Indian paintings.
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22-02-2015 14:32

Paramita Ghosh
Thanks Mr. Danno :)

Burning Brains The Band
Be very welcome my friend. A GREAT pleasure have you as my friend really. We are a Hard Rock band from Brazil, Amazon Forest. Listen to our songs at I signed the petition "STOP AMAZON FOREST DESTRUCTION". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts. Tell your friends to help me please. PLEASE LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ME AND MY BAND, IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME, A LOT. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND SUPPORT. GOD BLESS YOU.

Paramita Ghosh
best of luck :) @ Burning Brains The Band

Meena Sarine
Very thought provoking work keep it up.

Paramita Ghosh
Thanks @Meena Sarine...:)

Paramita Ghosh
Thanks Dale T.Artist for ur nice comment.

Paramita Ghosh
Thanks a lot Jaya Kumar..

Flower picking
Flower picking From: Paramita Ghosh
28-10-2014 05:57
apples From: Paramita Ghosh
01-04-2014 19:04

Paramita Ghosh
Thanks a lot Mr. Olsen... :)

BO Olsen
They look good enough to eat!

Paramita Ghosh
Thank you very much Mr Hanrahan :)