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Advanced Skills Art Teacher from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I run an arts education website:
Street art
By ARYZ Photo from Galeria Urban Forms in Lodz, PolandGerman street artist TassounknownStreet Art CollectionLego bridge - MEGXunknown
By Cozmounknownstreet artSAM3, Spainunknownunknown

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19-01-2013 20:09
Lynn Chadwick - Two Winged Figures, 1968-71Spidey PodsRembrandt Harmensz van Rijn: The Three TreesLife....a year, intaglio print, reservage, aquatint, drypoint, by Dora BrateljAlfons Mucha - AutumnBeer Street and Gin Lane - William Hogarth
m.c.escher/1898-1972Robert Rauschenberg: Prize (66.592.35) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtPablo Picasso: Frugal RepastGilbert & George: Human BondageRembrandt Presentation in the Temple EtchingRembrandt Van Rijn: The Little Children Being Brought to Jesus

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13-01-2013 16:35
Fotostrecke: Turner – Monet –   Twombly: Staatsgalerie: Das Feuer lodert weiter Bild 5 von 20 - Region Kultur - Stuttgarter NachrichtenClaude Monet : Water LiliesIn Monet's Japanese gardens in Giverny - Carolyn PearlClaude Monet - The Cabin at Saint-Adresse, 1867Monet - AntibesClaude Monet: Waves Breaking
Claude Monet: Sailboats on the SeineClaude Monet -  Snow at Argenteuil 1875Houses Of Parliament.  Claude Monet 1900Claude Monet - The Grand CanalClaude Monet: Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer)Claude Monet       'Charing Cross Bridge The Thames'

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12-01-2013 20:33
BIG STAGE DREAMER (On Rehearsal)Michael Wann - Sligo Arts ServiceAlexander Calder: Big Black DiskMoleskine 18Great Piece of Turf by Albrecht DurerBlack Mist   2004
tangles and holes in paper and oil and pen and moreLeonardo da Vinci: Five Caricature HeadsRupert Bathurst "Joyce sketch"Pablo Picasso. Woman, Front and Profile, 1926. Pen and ink with ...Alberto Giacometti: Isaku Yanahira I, 1956Quentin Blake

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11-01-2013 17:01

Paul Carney
I've put this board together for Art Teachers to be used as a learning resource for pupils to learn about Contemporary Art practice. Please share

Sincresi  62PLAYING WITH BALLSserenity by pekthongErwin OlafNike CaveCpr168
Paintings-Tomasz-Alen-KoperaBruce nauman - Welcome Shaking HandsLast kiss by Adam Martinakis

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02-01-2013 15:51
Drawing From: Paul Carney via Benan Tumkaya
07-06-2013 19:38