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Delightful work! I love your work, Petra! With sincere and deep respect for your work, Tatiana

oceane-ingrid Gupper
~ this is perfect in every way...( for me :-) )

Teresa Briceño
This reminds me of Little Dragon`s latest video. I like this.

Talented! Hope to see more!

charles gallagher
Touch of the 'flaneur' absorbing following your eye Petra

charles gallagher
Great observation and simple construction, captivation

Mohsen Modiri
Thank you dear Petra Senn for your favour. your abstract are beautiful . have happy times! Mohsen Modiri Iran- Tehran

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Excellento!!! deNapoli

Marten Tonnis
Wonderful works!!!

Peter Kimble
I especially like ` n ! `....

Méli Mélo
It would be interesting of knowing the interpretation of each?

oceane-ingrid Gupper
beauty & full awesomeness & magic!

Anatol Bolanowski
Strong landscapes, powerfull..

Jane du Brin
Very nice Petra - Evocative!

Dora Bratelj
remarkable album, mystical, beyond reality, like a dream ... beautiful but not nice on ordinary, attractive, decorative way ... something like special view into another world through a blurry view or the eyelashes ...

Charles Chirico
liberating .....

charles gallagher
This series is marvellous Petra

Telmo Castro
There is something ethereal, as if suspended in time

Jane du Brin
evocative, beautiful!

clarence eduarte

jie yu

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Al I want to say after studying your works dearest Petra are:BRAVO_Bravissima!So many diff.kind of works..excellente artworks dear!Hugs from just "moi"

Petra Senn
Just thank you.... !

Jane du Brin
love these pieces

Slava Komisaroff
very good expression!

Alan Han
Chinese feeling.

charles gallagher
Excellent it evokes Mattise fish in a bowl. I have goldfish and have yet to capture a true image.

Ruth Clotworthy
This is awesome- LOVE IT! :)

Mathieu Dubois
Words works it speaks to me who write. You can read on my site or on facebook. thank you anyway for your work.

Mathieu Dubois
Words works it speaks to me who write. You can read on my site or on facebook. thank you anyway for your work.

andré schmucki - visual artist
tolle arbeiten!! - und danke!! ;)

Volodymyr Tsyupko
great array of work

M.I. - Helen Decker
beautiful photos...i like much your concept, vision

Joseph Griffo
Beautiful. Nice compositions. truly.

schönenberger jürg (hurk)
every thing is just and I like the meaning you give to the things, great works

Paul Scott
Amazing work!

Mathieu Dubois
beautiul work, thanks

Anna Maria Mazzi
Amazing work, thank you

Marc Morrel
Lovely work, poetic, and Thank you again!

Erwin Heckmann
Ausnahmslos klasse arbeiten!!!

John Sloboda
Wonderful imaginative photography!

schönenberger jürg (hurk)
very impressiv conditions :-) and reflections :-)

Kris Kary
Very impressive photography..... nice album....!