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Girls of the 60s by Paul OultonKids on the block 2  by Paul OultonThe lads by Paul OultonProtest  by Paul OultonMiners support  by Paul OultonI recognise that tune   by Paul Oulton
The chat  by Paul OultonWaiting for the New Brighton Ferry  by Paul Oulton.......... by Paul OultonKids from the block  by Paul OultonFlushed by Paul Oulton

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19-03-2013 14:25
She came in like a dream   by Paul OultonThunderbird by Paul OultonMalltreath Bay by Paul OultonJP2JAGS by Paul OultonSpectrum by Howard H.HhughesCash flow by Paul Oulton
Dodge Pick-up  by Howard H.HughesDefoe  by Paul Oulton'Glass walls does a prison make'  by Paul OultonViolent rainbows  by Paul OultonBlue flow by Paul OultonVENUS AND MARS ARE ALRIGHT TONIGHT by Paul Oulton

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19-11-2012 19:44
Rays over Liverpool by Paul OultonCometh darkness by Paul OultonLiverpool Bay  by Paul OultonBlue sunset by Paul OultonBlue dreamland by Paul OultonAmber by Paul Oulton
End of day 2 by Paul OultonSunburst by Paul OultonFire in the sky by Paul OultonEnd of day by Paul Oulton

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19-11-2012 19:39
Newsham Park 28th Feb 2013 by Paul OultonEarly morning walk by Paul OultonWinters dusk  by Paul OultonSnow scene Newsham Park,Liverpool  by Paul OultonWinter chill by Paul OultonAutumn bites by Paul Oulton
Autumn Sefton Park Liverpool by Paul OultonAutumn morning by Paul OultonMissing summer all ready  by Paul Oulton09.10.12  by Paul OultonAutumn rising by Paul OultonAutumn by Paul Oulton

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19-11-2012 18:51
TEBUS From: Paul Oulton
16-09-2014 18:54
LORDS by Paul Oulton
LORDS by Paul Oulton From: Paul Oulton
24-06-2013 19:36
COB by Paul Oulton
COB by Paul Oulton From: Paul Oulton
29-11-2012 19:53

FIROME Bernadette
I know : United colors of Benetton ;-)

BLUE!   By Paul Oulton
BLUE! By Paul Oulton From: Paul Oulton
05-11-2012 20:12
Look by Paul Oulton
Look by Paul Oulton From: Paul Oulton
16-10-2012 20:00