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I Started Drawing around Christmas 2011 and Painting Summer 2012...
Oil Pastels are my favorite medium
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27-07-2012 22:11

Navin Ahad
Hello nice work and a very good imagination.I am an art lover since i was a kid, but i never took any professional training nor did i ever went to an art college.I am the CEO of La Belezza. for me art is a very vast subject, from skteching to painting, from dancing to singing,from poetry to photography,from designing to acting.I can just go on and on.i would really be honored if you become my facebook friend and see the paintings,photography, sculpturing, Regards Noni

Patrick Parks
Thank-you very much for taking the time to comment on my album and for your compliment. I would be more then happy to check out your work!

Shuja Ali
great work !! i can feel the free spirit in ur work, keep it up and stay blessed

Patrick Parks
Thank you so much friend!

Ed Buziak
For someone who only started drawing a year ago you have shown excellent talent here. I also like using oil crayons... they make a definite statement and can't be rubbed out... so you have to be very positive with them. Well done!