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I use acrylic paint and paint in what I think is an abstract expressionistic style. I have sold only twenty small paintings in fifteen years. I am not popular at all. Maybe my stuff is really not that good. Thank God I don't paint for a living. I wish you a lot more success than I've had.
Train at Night
Train at Night From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 07:00
Simplicity From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 06:55

Jaime Herrera
This one has not been sold.

Jaime Herrera
I like this one and might not want to part with it.

Pasture From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 06:52

Jaime Herrera
I am obsessed with selling but I do not sell a lot. Perhaps that's why I am so obsessed.

Emma From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:48

Jaime Herrera
This one has been sold. When I don't sell, I feel useless.

Paint Brush
Paint Brush From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:43

Jaime Herrera
Thank you for liking it. It has not been sold yet.

Emma From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:39

Jaime Herrera
Thank you Teodora!!! The actual work is much more alive and colorful than the photo. I am not a good... read more

Teodora Stoica
my pleasure, Jaime Herrera.

Teodora Stoica
"Emma" - beauty and intelligence; womanhood, class and distinction; expressiveness and refinement .. Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Jaime Herrera
I am very pleased to read your words!!! Poetic!!!

Teodora Stoica
Your opera, "Emma" is strawberry with parfume of spring in autumn the life. It's the symphony the love to the... read more

Black on Green
Black on Green From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:36

Jaime Herrera
I'm happy to say i sold his one.

Jaime Herrera
But I didn't get a lot of money for it. :-)

Jaime Herrera
Is it for sale?

Jaime Herrera
This one has not been sold either

Fruit From: Jaime Herrera
21-05-2013 21:27

Jaime Herrera
The fruit comes from one of Gauguin's paintings. I forgot which one.

Jaime Herrera
I like the setting and the pose. Nudity has never offended me.

Jaime Herrera
I like her wholesome legs.

Garden part two
Garden part two From: Jaime Herrera
15-05-2013 16:11
Garden part one
Garden part one From: Jaime Herrera
15-05-2013 16:10

Jaime Herrera
I have changed my "method" of painting considerably.

Blue Grapes
Blue Grapes From: Jaime Herrera
26-01-2013 06:39

Jaime Herrera
Thank you.

Jaime Herrera
Mary, You are from Brazil or Portugal? Or,...neither one? :-)

Mary Guimaraes
I am from Brasil !!!! And where are you from?

Jaime Herrera
I am from Mexico but living in the USA - Texas.

Mary Guimaraes
Yes? Sometimes I have been in Usa as a tourist. I loved to know the art museums in New York.

Grapes From: Jaime Herrera
26-01-2013 06:32

Jaime Herrera
Hopper's style is unemotional - the emotion is all under the surface. He was a thinking man's painter. A thinking... read more

edward hopper
edward hopper From: Jaime Herrera via Gerri Ryan
15-07-2012 21:42

Jaime Herrera
This model might have been his wife - I don't remember.

Penitent Circles
Penitent Circles From: Jaime Herrera
13-07-2012 03:29
Swimming Nude
Swimming Nude From: Jaime Herrera
13-07-2012 03:26
Aquarium From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:14
Banana Republic
Banana Republic From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:13
Dancing From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:11
Sliding Circles
Sliding Circles From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 19:41

Jaime Herrera
I was getting into painting circles and this one was was one of the first circle paintings. I never painted... read more