Album: Circles

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Black on Green
Black on Green From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:36

Jaime Herrera
I'm happy to say i sold his one.

Jaime Herrera
But I didn't get a lot of money for it. :-)

Blue Grapes
Blue Grapes From: Jaime Herrera
26-01-2013 06:39

Jaime Herrera
Thank you.

Jaime Herrera
Mary, You are from Brazil or Portugal? Or,...neither one? :-)

Mary Guimaraes
I am from Brasil !!!! And where are you from?

Jaime Herrera
I am from Mexico but living in the USA - Texas.

Mary Guimaraes
Yes? Sometimes I have been in Usa as a tourist. I loved to know the art museums in New York.

Grapes From: Jaime Herrera
26-01-2013 06:32
Sliding Circles
Sliding Circles From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 19:41

Jaime Herrera
I was getting into painting circles and this one was was one of the first circle paintings. I never painted... read more

Van Gogh Circles
Van Gogh Circles From: Jaime Herrera
18-06-2012 16:32
Curtains From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 14:45
Circles on Edge
Circles on Edge From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 14:36
Autumn Circles
Autumn Circles From: Jaime Herrera
16-06-2012 04:05
Alien Circles
Alien Circles From: Jaime Herrera
15-06-2012 17:07
Badges From: Jaime Herrera
15-06-2012 17:00
1492 From: Jaime Herrera
15-06-2012 16:57

Jaime Herrera
I am about to paint over this thing. I do not know what it will look like but I will... read more

Jaime Herrera
The word will stay.

Jaime Herrera
I painted over it but didn't take a photo. I am painting over it again and deleting the word.