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Alexandra Epameinonda
lovely palette and technique x

Jaime Herrera
Thanks Alexandra!! I really enjoy painting.

Josef Fawzea
I love your work .

Jaime Herrera
Thank you Consuelo.

Consuelo Gomez
Gracias a ti, Jaime Herrera. ✿⊱╮

Jaime Herrera
Is it for sale?

Jaime Herrera
This one has not been sold either

Fruit From: Jaime Herrera
21-05-2013 21:27

Jaime Herrera
The fruit comes from one of Gauguin's paintings. I forgot which one.

Penitent Circles
Penitent Circles From: Jaime Herrera
13-07-2012 03:29
Swimming Nude
Swimming Nude From: Jaime Herrera
13-07-2012 03:26
Dancing From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:11
Wooden Dress
Wooden Dress From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:15

Jaime Herrera
I even signed it but it has not sold. That's fine. I can wait.

Mirror From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:13
Wrestlers From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:08

Jaime Herrera
Idealized somewhat. I can't paint hands or feet so I left them out. This one has not sold and it... read more

Woman Shaving
Woman Shaving From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:06

Jaime Herrera
The exposure is not even close to what it really is - lots of detail is invisible. :-(

Zoe Clements
That's the problem with looking at a painting from a photo the viewer can't see all the wonderful and essential... read more

Woman Waiting
Woman Waiting From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:03
My Best Friend
My Best Friend From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 21:00

Jaime Herrera
Adria is her name.

Jaime Herrera
Adria Dunn, violinist