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Train at Night
Train at Night From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 07:00
Simplicity From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 06:55

Jaime Herrera
This one has not been sold.

Jaime Herrera
I like this one and might not want to part with it.

Pasture From: Jaime Herrera
18-11-2014 06:52

Jaime Herrera
I am obsessed with selling but I do not sell a lot. Perhaps that's why I am so obsessed.

Emma From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:48

Jaime Herrera
This one has been sold. When I don't sell, I feel useless.

Paint Brush
Paint Brush From: Jaime Herrera
02-08-2014 22:43

Jaime Herrera
Thank you for liking it. It has not been sold yet.

Garden part two
Garden part two From: Jaime Herrera
15-05-2013 16:11
Garden part one
Garden part one From: Jaime Herrera
15-05-2013 16:10

Jaime Herrera
I have changed my "method" of painting considerably.

Aquarium From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:14
Banana Republic
Banana Republic From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 20:13
Baby Blue Splash
Baby Blue Splash From: Jaime Herrera
28-06-2012 19:38

Jaime Herrera
Sorry about the blurriness. Perhaps my hand was shaking way too much. This one has not sold either.

Blue Splash
Blue Splash From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 14:41
Black and Blue
Black and Blue From: Jaime Herrera
17-06-2012 14:33

Jaime Herrera
For years, people have been refusing to buy this. I really do not understand their reticence.

Beach From: Jaime Herrera
16-06-2012 22:32

Eva Danora
and the artist who have a face and hand :-)

Plexiglass From: Jaime Herrera
16-06-2012 04:08

Jaime Herrera
It is coated with a thick coat (coats) of clear varnish to protect it from vermin and dust and fingerprints... read more