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I am an artist and visual explorer who uses paint, clay, stone, wire, wood, paper, film and pixels to create and discover new visual worlds. My work has evolved from recording the beauty and variety of the external world to creating my own imaginary worlds, as evidenced in my paintings, sculptures, photographs and digital works. Although my work is stylisticly varied, it does have undercurrents of Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction and a dash of Dada; as well as reflecting my Northern European roots and the influences of a formal graduate education in art history and philosophy.

My works have...

What´s Happening

Frenchman's Bay Dusk
Frenchman's Bay Dusk From: Rein Nomm
18-07-2017 04:04
Lives in Tatters
Lives in Tatters From: Rein Nomm
20-05-2017 05:01
The Tipping Point
The Tipping Point From: Rein Nomm
16-05-2017 16:31
Fallow Factory
Fallow Factory From: Rein Nomm
14-05-2017 02:41
Wreaks Eternum
Wreaks Eternum From: Rein Nomm
14-05-2017 02:39
Silent Screams
Silent Screams From: Rein Nomm
13-05-2017 15:33
Shot Down
Shot Down From: Rein Nomm
12-05-2017 16:38
Repercussions From: Rein Nomm
11-05-2017 16:00
Breaking the Rules
Breaking the Rules From: Rein Nomm
11-05-2017 15:58
The Animal Within
The Animal Within From: Rein Nomm
09-05-2017 17:15
The Silent Shadow
The Silent Shadow From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:43
Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:34
Captured Colors
Captured Colors From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:31
The Fallow Field
The Fallow Field From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:30
The Sea of Sorrows
The Sea of Sorrows From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:28
In Black and White
In Black and White From: Rein Nomm
07-05-2017 16:24
Alone No More
Alone No More From: Rein Nomm
06-05-2017 16:55
Looking Back
Looking Back From: Rein Nomm
06-05-2017 16:44
The Face of Pain
The Face of Pain From: Rein Nomm
06-02-2017 16:01
A Star Dies
A Star Dies From: Rein Nomm
04-02-2017 16:22
La Jolla
La Jolla From: Rein Nomm
04-02-2017 16:21
Surfs Up
Surfs Up From: Rein Nomm
02-02-2017 18:03
The Spoils of War
The Spoils of War From: Rein Nomm
02-02-2017 18:01
Pheonix Rising
Pheonix Rising From: Rein Nomm
01-02-2017 17:03
Remnants of Regret
Remnants of Regret From: Rein Nomm
01-02-2017 17:01