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FlorenceFlorence, walking byUffizia fountain, Florenceuffizi gallery, florenceNymph with Scorpion. Bartolini
some doors may openHermaphrodite endormi , Uffizi, Florence

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24-06-2015 09:28
Gargoyle. Milanaround Brera, MilanContrasts of MilanMadonna. MilanMilan, Roman walla thoughtful Titan of Milan, Casa degli Omenoni
on guard by the windowUnicredit Towermilano

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24-06-2015 09:22

Nanses Nanai
Love the album!

Lala Renard
thank you Nanses

Lala Renard
Thank you so much Dale.

John Sloboda
This is work to which I resonate (see my album "City by day". I think you and I share a fascination and perhaps a similar aesthetic.

Lala Renard
thank you John:)

Lala Renard
All I can do will only ever be a faint image of what I see and my success will always be less than my failure or perhaps equal to the failure. Alberto Giacometti

beautiful collection!!!

Lala Renard
thank you DD :)


Lala Renard
Thank you DD

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Great,wonderful ,beautiful collection of magnificante are a fantastich great photoshooter lady!Loved it all..........................

Lala Renard
thank you very much Sonja

Lala Renard
Thank you Alain :)

carlo grassini
you have a fine eye for spotting wonderful "street nuances"

Lala Renard
Thank you Carlo

Anish Kapoor
Anish KapoorAnish KapoorAnish KapoorAnish KapoorAnish Kapoor. Untitled.Anish Kapoor. Eight eight. Onyx.
Anish Kapoor. Tongue.Anish Kapoor.Anish Kapoor. Oracle.Anish Kapoor. StoneAnish Kapoor. Yellow.Anish Kapoor. Turning the world upside.

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17-11-2013 10:07

Becky McIntosh

Lala Renard
thank you Becky

Georges Braque: Guitar and Still Life on a Gueridon (1979.481) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtGeorges BraqueGeorges BraqueGeorges Braque. Le Jour.Georges Braque  - Violin and CandlestickGeorges Braque: Verre, violon et papier à musique
29. Georges Braque: Woman Reading23. Georges Braque. Landscape at La Ciotat.21. Still Life. La toilette dans la cuisine. Georges Braque.14. Georges Brague. Billiards. Le progrès en art ne consiste pas à étendre ses limites, mais à les mieux connaître. GB13. Georges Braque. The black fish.12. The nest. Georges Braque.

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04-05-2013 14:40
Album: Dada From: Lala Renard
Volupté. F. PicabiaDadaPresent. Tate Modern. Man Ray.

22-01-2013 06:13
Juan Gris - Flowers - 1914Juan Gris - The Siphon - 1913Juan Gris: Violin and Playing Cards (1996.403.14) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtJuan Gris: The Breakfast 1915Alberto Giacometti. Homme assis (sitting man)Trial and Error. Meredith Frampton.
L. Freud...Ceri Richards. Two females.1937-8.SF MOMAJean Debuffet. Le buche en croissent.M. Ernst; Celebes

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12-01-2013 07:26

George 'Kip' Sudduth
great album with many of my favorites. Seems as though many in the states may not know of Master Gris' work...fabulous!

reflections of Dubai, leavingGulf in yellow and blackTriuph elephant 2Horse by F. Botero and DubaiD&D Triumph Elephant.D&D
Dubai and Dali. Space Elephant based on the paintings "The Temptations of St. Anthony" with the obelisc symbolising power, desire and domination.Dubai waterfall

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30-11-2012 09:46
Street art
The god of worries. Ithaka. NYscrap art 1. ithacaithaca street art that is not there any longer....scrap art. ithacasaxIthaca 3
Spider. Ithaca, NY 1Spider. Ithaca, NY

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13-12-2012 07:19
Femme en flammes. Salvador Dali.Le Cheval à la Montre Molle. Daliwoman with melting watchDali montreDali: the persistence of memorySpace Venus
triumph elephant and a shadowAlice in Wonderland. DaliLady Godiva with butterflies. DaliNobility of time. Time's mastery over human beings. Dali.Scatalogical object functioning symbolically. The Surrealist Shoe. SF MOMA.Hommage to Newton. Dali. Paris

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17-12-2012 09:40
Album: Andy Warhol From: Lala Renard
Andy Warhol
Jackie by Andy WarholAndy Warhol by Andy WarholFlowers by Andy WarholMM by Andy WarholMao by Andy WarholLisa MInelli by Andy Warhol
Lenin by Andy WarholLife, death and beauty 1 by Andy WarholLife, death and beauty

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25-07-2013 06:06