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I am a self-taught artist. I paint in oils, acrylics, mixed media, 2D canvas, with paper & recycled/found material I also sculpt in clay & with found/recycled materials
Color Photography of Flowers
Bee on White Bottel BrushMoth Orchid  (Full View)The Moth OrchidRed Kangaroo Plant With Small Green Flower

18-06-2012 00:27
Album: Digital Art From: Ruth Edward Anderson
Digital Art
Cactus Spines, So SoftAmazon WarriorBlue Moon NightTranscendenceThree RostersThe Roster
Colored GlassFloating AwayIt Won't HurtStaringPortrait of KnodlMoon Light in the Courtyard

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15-06-2012 17:30
Album: Sculpture Album #2 From: Ruth Edward Anderson
Sculpture Album #2
"Medusa"     Sold"The Key To Evolution""The Key To Evolution""The Goddess"    Available for Sale

18-06-2012 00:23
Album: Sculpture of all types From: Ruth Edward Anderson
Sculpture of all types
The Matriarch  (A Tribute To The Strength Of Our African American Women)The Universal GrandmotherBut, Do You Still Love Me?Bird BrainCool CatCool Cat
Ancient DietyHermes, Messenger of the GodsOh No, I'm EvolvingThe Opera Diva

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15-06-2012 18:21

Ann Ellwood
Love your sculptures! I'm focusing on sculpture these days and I'm having so much fun. You look like you enjoy it too.

Ruth Edward Anderson
Ann thank you so very much. I love what I do. It is so much fun. Please give it a try & let me see your art.