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Greetings Dear art lovers.

My nickname matches Somoano Emilio, of the city of Gijón, in the Principality of Asturias, Spain's Atlantic coast.

Enclosed by green mountains and mist, but open to the sea, I like to see the cosmopolitan art of all times and techniques, even though my retina is accustomed to the midtones.

As far as I'm concerned, I have selected several albums chaotically in all that I like it.

But as I have no academic training or talent, attempt to supplement this with sensitivity and imagination. So let me show you to shame some of my own creations in painting, photography, etc.....

Eliana Hernández
Una obra con historia, con historia pasada, presente y futura... Una obra con Valor en diferentes sentidos... El guardagujas...

Angelo Morbelli - The Artist and his Model Reflected in a MirrorNude with Chequered Slipper - Egon SchieleLucian Freud- Night PortraitMarlene Dumas- LucyAlex Kanevsky  "Blue Bathroom"Gustave Courbet - Reclining Woman
Female Nude from BehindSin tituloVanityMariette Pathy Allen: Andy Becoming AndiKotondo Torii, Combing in the Bath (1929)Untitled (Grass on Woman) - Ana Mendieta

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16-09-2012 14:34

Eliana Hernández
Estos que estan aqui en este album, deberias expresarlo sobre tela con materiales mixtos, de verdad, son muy buenos elementos , contenido y tema, me gustan todos...

Apinya Udomritkul
I like how you have a damnation list, it's almost like a parody gallery but no one has ever seemed to have done this before in real life which I think could hit it off well with the public, especially regarding the newer era of art we seem to be facing

Alfred Gijon
Thanks Apinya. Maybe some of "new arts" don't look for BEAUTY and is times only for bussiness and lobbys. But I like watch all with interest. Private for me and with irony and my black humour I enjoy with my box for rubbish to make laugh with others. I hope also with you if you want throw out in my "RUBBISH BOX" works that you dislike too. For me share it will be a pleasure and a honour. Ops, my name is Emilio Somoano, from Gijón city, in Asturias (atlantic coast of Spain). VERY NICE TO MEET YOU. See you again???. I hope it,

Melvin Pineda
Not sure if it would be obvious to mention the work of Damien Hirst, within the "worst art" category

Melvin Pineda
I liked the "worst art" album. Most of us are afraid of tagging some modern art works, even if they appear to be silly. However, I still consider important some of the works in the gallery, like the ones from Mondrian and Rothko, considering their importance in the reinterpretation of color.

Alfred Gijon
About your comment, in my album of NO ART I only joke about some vanguardist and minimalist tendences and bussiness of art like market in hand of profesional gurus. Mondrian and Rhotko?. And some paints only white and plane colour. What would be the next like "art" and "artist": NOTHING?. I would like live making and selling my own no-art and no-works of me = real no-artist. :-))). I love to be a lucky man too, and the "dolce fare niente". Maybe someone could introduce me with some "V.I.P. bussinees man of art" ???. Excuse my english and thanks for your opinion.

Raymond Rogers
Buen trabajo, Alfred

Pilar Rubio de Antonio
Los has hecho tú?

mis cuadros y fotos
My work about  Eros and Tanathos: "Solticium night: love and death",Asturias landscapes: Picos de Europa."La derrota del comunismo" /comunism defeatLa Güestia.LA CONDENACIÓN DE LA CARNE / Damnation of fleshjaque al bufón de la Corte Astur
SupervivenciaLes Mademoiselles de TurónCristo transfigurado por miMe, absenta, Baudelaire soul, fighting for a womanAmantes sonámbulosA little of all

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13-09-2012 23:59

Eliana Hernández
He descargado estas imagenes y le he hecho un comentario de mis impresiones esteticas y artisticas al observar y disfrutar de estos 12 trabajos tuyos colgados aqui...Si alguno no es hecho por ti, confirmame :-)

Une Bombe
Une Bombe From: Alfred Gijon via Sarah Scotchman
01-10-2012 01:52

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