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A worldwide wanderer who love to explore
what's the best secret in this hidden place
that come across my pathways.
photography was my 2nd love that broaden
my imaginations and made my eyes a visual connections that helps my brain know the difference
between what i have seen or not.!!
a traveller who never cease to keep wandering around.
Love museums and photography.

A poet in heart who lost in words, yet a photos that amaze my eyes will surely make the poet in me.!!:-)

Practice Random Acts of kindness daily,
and always share a contagious smile 2 anyone i meet as time passes by.

get in touch and know...

sunjay brownlee
Thanks for the likes.!!:-) have a blessful week.

A quite time...
A quite time... From: sunjay brownlee
14-01-2014 20:06

sunjay brownlee
Peek-a-Booo...I see you.!!

sunjay brownlee
Have yourself A mERRY LITTLE cHRISTMAS.....!!

sunjay brownlee
a HOUSE FULL OF DOLLS...!! @ the Grove Beverly Hills, Ca.

sunjay brownlee
Merry Christmas Darling....

sunjay brownlee
ho ho ho comes Santa Clause.!!

sunjay brownlee
Wishing you all a MERRY Happy HOLIDAYS...Likers!!:-)

sunjay brownlee
Thanks for viewing...!!:-)

sunjay brownlee
All she wanted was a colourful Sunflower and a big kiss on her B'day..!!:-)

sunjay brownlee
Thank You likers..!!:-) God Bless.

sunjay brownlee
Thank You Likers...i sometimes exists here due to the call of duty have to feed some hungry mouth. Hope you... read more

sunjay brownlee
Just making sure you're alright.!!:-)

sunjay brownlee
it's superman?, no, it;s flying PIG . !!'s just a pink pig:-)

Dream on....
Dream on.... From: sunjay brownlee
01-11-2012 04:38

Lothar Seifert

sunjay brownlee
Thanks for all who likes this digi arts.!! :-)