Album: My Favourite Landscapes

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María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
John Constable parece que supo intuir lo que le pasaría a la naturaleza con la tecnología y la industrialización! Un verdadero... read more

Ana Pascanu

Tanya Park
Still has so much power decades after it was made!

Abstract Expressionism
All these Art Emperors live based on the death Artist’s Legacies with no doubt. While the Artist is alive, even... read more

Royal Marble Inc.
Great use of color!

Keith Fisher
incredible deep! I could watch and watch :)

Susmitha Manoj
God !! The bold colours!! Love this painting !!

Lucio Borrazzo
Amazing. Very beautiful colors.

gianni giordani
this one belongs to the first period of the artist in which the classic influence is still very strong! soon... read more

paula bettam
hi i love these old paintings

Abstract Expressionism
amazingly powerful landscape

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
David Hockney pinto las formas caprichosas que se hallan en la naturaleza de las montañas. Manos que piden ayuda a los... read more