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I am a (mostly) self-taught artist currently working as a part-time Librarian and Art teacher at an international school in Cambodia. Literature and the visual arts are two of my favorite things. I paint personalized cards in watercolors featuring a person's characteristics or interests. When not accepting commissions, I like to paint, sketch and do photography for leisure.
Album: Optical Illusions From: VJ Joson
Optical Illusions
Dick Termes -- Food of ThoughtDick Termes -- Gargoyles of St. DenisDick Termes -- EmptinessJohn Pugh -- Art Imitating Life Imitating Art Imitating LifeJohn Pugh -- Detail of 'Art Imitating Life Imitating Art Imitating Life'John Pugh -- Taylor Hall
John Pugh -- Siete Punto UnoOctavio Ocampo -- LupeOctavio Ocampo -- MarleneOctavio Ocampo -- Visions of QuixoteOctavio Ocampo -- Hollywood LightsOctavio Ocampo -- Mona Lisa's Chair

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16-10-2012 07:31
Album: Personal Homage to Great Painters From: VJ Joson
Personal Homage to Great Painters
The TrampBoticelli's ManMichelangelo's Nude 2Da Vinci's FaceMichelangelo's NudeDa Vinci's Man
Da Vinci's BabyA Lady's HandsHomage to RodinHomage to Artemisia GentileshiHomage to Beatrix PotterHomage to Van Gogh's Starry Night 2

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14-10-2012 10:08

Mary Guimaraes
You have a great work ! Congratulations !!!

VJ Joson
Thank you so much, Mary! :)

Album: Impressionable Paintings From: VJ Joson
Impressionable Paintings
Artemisia Gentileschi -- Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of HolofernesMarc Chagall: BirthdayCave Art -- Mongolian Horse (La Grotte de Lascaux)Sandro Botticelli -- PrimaveraJohn Singer Sargent -- Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau)Michelangelo - Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Libyan Sibyl
Rembrandt van Rijn -- Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes TulpRembrandt van Rijn -- The Prodigal SonSalvador Dali - The Persistence of MemoryVincent van Gogh - The Starry NightJohannes Vermeer- The MilkmaidLeonardo da Vinci- Mona Lisa

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14-10-2012 07:34
Album: Don't Blink! -- Inspiring Sculptures From: VJ Joson
Don't Blink! -- Inspiring Sculptures
Meret Oppenheim. ObjectAttributed to Epigonus -- Dying GaulJeff Koons - RabbitAttributed to Tutmes (Tuthmose) -- NefertitiThe Winged Victory of SamothraceBruno Catalano's Half Sculptured Travelers | Amusing Planet
Auguste Rodin -- The CathedralDonatello, David, 1440s, bronze, 158cm, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence:Statue of a Sybil (?)Dimitri Chiparus -- Les GirlsWarrior of RiaceMichelangelo -- David

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13-10-2012 12:22

Silvio DiCarlo
inspiring album, thanks for sharing.

Album: Art Deco From: VJ Joson
Art Deco
Frank Lloyd Wright -- Fallingwater (Kaufmann House)William van Alen -- Chrysler BuildingMarcel-Andre Bouraine -- DianaPaul Manship -- PrometheusRene Lalique -- Suzanee (ou Bain)Dimitri Chiparus -- Dancer of Kapurthala
Dimitri Chiparus -- The SquallMarcel-Andre Bouraine --- HarlequinElsa Schiaparelli, 1935 evening dressLeon Bakst -- Bacchante costumeLéon Bakst- Costume Study for Nijinsky in his Role in La PériLeon Bakst -- Dione

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14-10-2012 05:33
Album: Art Nouveau From: VJ Joson
Art Nouveau
La Barcelona de Gaudí | viajes-Gustav Klimt -- The KissAlfons Maria Mucha -- JobRene Lalique -- CombWorth evening dress 1900Evening Dress, American early 1900s
Eliel SaarinenEliel SaarinenEliel SaarinenGustav Klimt- Judith IGustav Klimt - FulfillmentThe Art Nouveau Blog: Art Nouveau House Interior Architecture

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13-10-2012 06:38
Album: Alexandra Kokinova From: VJ Joson
Alexandra Kokinova
Undine - Alexandra GalleryAmaya (Night Rain) - Alexandra GalleryThe Butterfly Carnival suit Art Deco - Alexandra GalleryMartha - Alexandra GalleryTess Evening ensemble.  Art  Deco Style  - Alexandra GalleryLady in Nacre - Alexandra Gallery
Denise - Alexandra GalleryNellie - Alexandra GalleryFleur - Alexandra GalleryOlga - Alexandra GalleryMatias and Agnes - Alexandra GalleryAgnes - Alexandra Gallery

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12-10-2012 10:52
Album: Itzchak Tarkay From: VJ Joson
Itzchak Tarkay
Park West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Passing the Night Away #5Park West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Our TimePark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | ConfidingPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Colorful DayPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | At the LobbyPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Cafe In the City
Park West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Quiet EveningPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Cafe ConversationsPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Cafe MarinaPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Tea at DuskPark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | GhislainePark West Galleries | Tarkay | Gallery | Suzanne (Large)

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11-10-2012 16:00